Someone recently told me that being inclusive is part of who I am – it’s how I shape my
relationships and operate in communities and organisations. I thought it was an interesting
observation because it’s not something I make a conscious effort to do, and it would feel unnatural
to behave otherwise.
And yet many organisations struggle to build diverse and inclusive teams and addressing this issue
is gaining a lot of momentum. But why is it essential for employers to get it right when it comes to
diversity and inclusion?

Improved team performance

One of the biggest arguments in favour of greater diversity and inclusion within organisations is
improved performance. For instance, when it comes to gender diversity, there is a considerable
body of research that shows a more gender-balanced team can create more opportunities for
growth because it provides new, broader perspectives that breath a breath of fresh air into a team.
Equally, employees with different personalities, character traits, and approaches are vital to break
group thinking and avoid dysfunctional decision-making processes.

Access to a deeper talent pool

Traditionally, some industries have been dominated by a particular type of person, partly because
people have a tendency to attract, retain, and promote others who are like them. As a result, the
talent pool an organisation can draw upon is limited. By adopting a more diverse and inclusive
approach, organisations can bring on board a broader range of people, giving them access to a
deeper talent pool and changing the stereotypes associated with certain professions for future

Better work environment

A work environment and culture that excludes people creates barriers – and not just to achieve
organisational goals, but to human interaction in general. We spend a considerable amount of our
time at work and being surrounded by the same type of people day-in-day-out is not much fun.
Creating diverse and inclusive teams is not always easy, but it generally leads to more energetic,
dynamic and fun working relationships.

So my question to you is: is your company promoting and encouraging diversity and inclusion? Where are you with this subject?

If your workplace is failing to support and encourage diversity and inclusion, I work with HR and managers to ensure they are providing the right help and care for their staff. Get in touch to see how I can help your organisation’s situation.

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