Care – Supporting new mothers and fathers in your workplace, to help them realise their full potential.

We’re awash with research, data and insights about gender equality, inclusion and diversity in corporations, including horror stories about maternity leave discrimination, and a lack of support for pregnant women, new mothers (and fathers!). There is a lot of noise about these challenges but not enough direct open and honest conversations.

Care Anna Wilk

Support & practical solutions for your team members

We don’t need more big words we need more direct conversations with employees; we need support from professional who understands their situation, needs, challenges they face in their private life, can provide practical solutions and have confidential and judgment-free conversations.

I help HR teams and line managers attract and retain the best talent, by supporting new parents as they return to the workplace.

I’ve worked with expectant and new mothers and fathers, and their babies for 25 years, as a Doula, Sleep Consultant, Maternity Nurse and more.

In this time, I have completed many mother and baby related training courses and qualifications as part of my commitment to continuous professional and personal development.

I’ve also supported hundreds of women in my community, providing a safe and non-judgmental space through a non-profit organisation.

I’ve been a sounding board and master of figuring things out for many families across the globe and the UK.

I provided physical, emotional and practical support to new mums, dads and families helping them in a transition at home so their work life runs smoothly. I’ve travelled with new mums for (international) company events; I’ve supported new mums during their campaigns, I was on standby on their big projects and deadlines, always ready to assist and smooth things out.

Not only do I bring this knowledge and experience, but I also have an MBA in Management, and a network of trusted professionals in relevant areas ready to share their expertise when necessary. 

“Anna’s support and advice has been invaluable. She was more than happy to answer any questions we had via email and continues to be supportive.
I would definitely call her if I need her.”

Emma Juke

My three main areas of service are built on:


Every company has different policies, cultures, objectives and needs to support its existing employees and create an attractive workplace for potential talent.

Getting clarity on the situation and the requirements is a stepping stone to improve retaining and attraction of expertise.


Providing personalised and holistic support for expectant mothers, returning employees and also HR departments is a core of my offering.

Removing practical challenges employees face in their private lives during the early months of parenthood helps them focus on their projects while supporting HR departments to help create a better workplace for everyone in the company.


Measuring progress is as important as assessment and setting up objectives.

With a personalised approach, we can create flexibility in your HR process to meet the demands of change both within your organisation and external.

“Anna Wilk is very professional, very reliable and resourceful. She has given me precious advice for the last couple of months and I would call her again and again if I need her”.

Sara Gennari

Ways We Can Work Together

Single Strategy Session

Together we assess the company’s current situation and create a strategic plan or long term support to ensure issues are recognised and addressed.

1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching is dedicated for companies who wish to receive support for their expecting, new mothers, fathers and employees who are coming back from break after starting a family. Programs are between 3 and 18 months long depending on a level of support is required. These are more in depth and personalised to each individual and empathise confidentiality and understanding of each employee and their situation.

group calls

Group calls and workshops are designed for the groups mentioned in coaching and cover subjects important for the transition and include sleep in newborns, weaning but also time management and childcare solutions.

Family-related matters I can support your business with:


Attracting and retaining talented female employees


Supporting pregnant and breastfeeding employees


Negotiating flexible working hours


Supporting Paternity leave and new fathers returning to work


Supporting Maternity leave, new mothers returning to work, creating space to discuss and tackle the challenges they face at home, so they can reach their full potential at work


Understanding and supporting female and male PND


Exploring childcare solutions to improve productivity and morale of the employees, and also help retain and attract diverse talent.

Learning how to work smarter during the life-changing transition into parenthood helps individuals, managers and the company as a whole.

By improving the working conditions of new parents returning to work, adjusting polies, changing how we relate to new mothers and fathers, we can increase productivity, and cut the cost of finding and training new employees.

“Anna is a professional you can trust. She knows all the tricks, als I found great confidence in learning from her.”

Claire Lidstone

Thank you for looking through my website. I know that Maternity in the workplace can be a sensitive issue. I recommend that we have a chat, to begin with, then perhaps arrange a meet where I can tell you more about how I can help you.

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