My Story

Women have been a source of inspiration for me since I started working with them over 20 years ago. As a young Polish immigrant in the UK, one of my first jobs was in childcare.

At the beginning, I provided mothers practical support to care for their babies. But I quickly realized I could provide much more than hands-on support – I was able to form close bonds with the women I worked with, helping them through the emotional rollercoaster that many women go through after a having a child. 

My Story Anna Wilk

Overcoming challenges and achieving goals

As I gained more experience, I saw that by creating a safe space where women could be themselves and talk about the issues that were important to them, I could help them achieve great things. Sometimes it was as simple as sharing a few words of advice about how to get their baby into a sleep routine; on other occasions the issues were more complex – post-natal depression, relationship difficulties, dealing with multiple births. Whatever the issue, I was a reliable source of support and encouragement so women could overcome challenges and achieve their goals. 

Time and time again, I’ve seen women work their way through difficulties when they receive the right support. And I’m extremely proud to have been part of that journey for many women. These women inspired me to take on and overcome my own challenges – I completed an MBA, started a business, and continually looked for pathways for personal development. 

Today, I offer coaching and mentoring services to new mothers returning to work and female entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. Looking back, my business has come a long way, but one thing remains the same.

Women are still my greatest inspiration and I strive to provide the right support for them to make their dreams become a reality.

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My Story Anna Wilk

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