Part of my commitment to make the world a better place is a contribution towards reaching Sustainable Development Goals, known as Global Goals. World leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals in 2015, and they aim to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change by 2030.

 I firmly believe that providing clean water and sanitation, along with gender equality, can ensure a better future for everyone.

I work with B1G1 to ensure a proportion of my fees goes to those in the most need.

Transforming the lives of others

I work with B1G1 to ensure a proportion of my fees goes to those in the most need.
B1G1 is a non-profit organisation on a mission to make giving to others quickly and easily. They work with small and medium-sized partners and ensure every penny donated goes towards generating social impacts across the globe.

From meals to school supplies, water to income generating tools for women, my business has made s good use in a wide variety of ways, which helps all 17 Global Goals.

Since 2014 together with my clients, we have changed the life of 30 000, and this number is growing with every new client.

Also, I am a member of Spring, the UK branch of charity: water, which has funded clean and safe drinking water for more than 340,000 people in fifteen countries around the world.

I hope you will join me to reach my target of 100 000 impacts by 2030.

The impact we’re making:

Need inspiration? Watch “the Spring”:

Read case studies and see how my clients transformed their lives by helping others:

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