Working with new families often meant that research was my best hack when finding new baby products, testing them, and ensuring they were up to my standard. In addition, I often looked at the toys and books, which will not be just another item that lands in a bin or charity shop in the best-case scenario.


It has become even more essential to find sustainable gifts and toys that can last as keepsakes or e passed down to other children in recent years.


As the Christmas shopping frenzy is approaching at full speed, I decided to make a list of gifts for a new baby, plastic-free, and purchased small retailers.


“Remember that a person’s name is to that person is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  Dale Carnegie


Nothing beats a personalised item that can be reused every year as a part of the tradition, kept as a keepsake. And what’s a better time to start a Christmas tradition than on baby’s first-ever Christmas?


Personalised Alphabet Christmas Decorations. Beautiful antique style brass mini hanging frames complete with printed and hand-painted alphabet illustration inside. Each letter print is finished off with a hand-painted gold pigment star at the top.


Personalised Baby’s First Christmas Decoration. Wooden Christmas tree decoration bauble with engraved date and place is a lovely keepsake to remember the special day.


Personalised Name Board Puzzle. Not only beautiful but also educational, perfect for mastering hand-eye coordination and sensory play.
It can be personalised with a message at the back.


Personalised Christmas Sacks. Fully customised will not only last for a year but will also save wrapping paper!


Personalised Wooden Animal Ark Play Set. It is a lovely wooden ark for an older baby, a perfect opportunity to have fun, practice motor skills, and train their short and long memory. It can b be personalised as well.


Wooden baby rattles. These rattles are not only super cute but will keep your baby entertained through the Christmas dinner.

Dinner you said? A perfect reindeer plate will make dinner and snack times fun and more appealing even for most fussy eaters. It’s not just cute but a much nicer option than the plastic ones and will last for a few years. Bring on brussels sprouts!


I also include some books, as I am a true believer that there is never too early in introducing children to books.


Here are three festive books from ‘That’s not my’ series:


That’s not my robin. 

That’s not my penguin.

That’s not my reindeer.


I hope you will find this guide helpful, and please share any other ideas and plastic-free gifts for Baby’s First-Ever Christmas.

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