“If one has courage,
nothing can dim the light
which shines from within.”

Maya Angelou

You Could Be Earning More Money

You know this already…With a good marketing plan, a solid pricing strategy and the right clients, you could create a thriving business. But first you’d like a good night’s sleep. Or a hot meal, a cup of tea, or just the chance to sit down for ten minutes.

I know how you feel. After a demanding day (or night) at work, a business textbook doesn’t look like a fun read. And where would you begin? There’s so much advice about social media, online advertising, blogging, websites – and most of it doesn’t apply to your business.

You’re tired, overwhelmed and stuck. You have baby brain. Permanently.

I’ve been there…

 I want to help birth and baby professionals make the best use of their limited time. I have created an online business course for our industry. I’ve sifted through the advice, guidance and lessons to create a package that contains only the information you need to know.

I understand how precious your (limited) time is, so I’ve created a course that’s all value – no fluff, no padding, no time-wasting.

Set the pace and work through the course when it’s convenient for you…

The course is structured so that as you work through it, you will be able to take immediate, practical steps to help with your business.

By the end you will have the plans, tools and skills needed to grow your business and earn more money while working fewer hours.

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It’s time to be recognized for the value you provide.
To earn more and work less. To create a business you Love

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