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The saying “new level, new devil” exists for a reason. And I’ve been there more than once. Running a successful (purpose-driven) business can be an exciting adventure and great fun. But experiencing the growing pains of that business on your own, without support – it’s certainly not all that enjoyable.

I work with women with established businesses who would like to gain clarity and confidence through the support of a mentor, cheerleader and accountability partner all in one.

Level Up Anna Wilk

What’s there for you?

Taking your business to the next level, setting up events and retreats, developing and growing your online profile, beating procrastination, creating collaborations, creating new revenue streams and juggling your personal life simultaneously can be overwhelming and exhausting. Not to mention that it’s easy to lose faith in your entrepreneurial skills…. or even possibly the will to live! 

Your goals can be anything from publishing a book to winning an award or growing your Instagram following to bringing new team members to help you with a workload so you can free up some of your time to serve more clients. 

I will encourage you and gently push you (when the time comes) to be your best.

You won’t need “brave girl’s pants” or “fake it till you make it”. None of these. There’s no need – because you’re already equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise you need – and I’m going to help you tap into that. Together we will create your very own vision of business and success.

Seeing people often use the phrase ” no job is too small”, I say: shoot for the stars!  There is very little left one can’t achieve if I am involved in a master plan. 

And having supported hundreds of businesses, I know that my clients see results when they commit to a minimum of two hours of work on their business each week.

“Anna is a generous spirit, a warm heart and a dynamic presence, all of which she brings to her business coaching work. She listens and speaks with integrity and wisdom which is something I value so deeply. Speaking to Anna supported me in getting clearer about my direction and in knowing my own business more deeply.”

Ruth Cohen-Rose  |   Founder   |   Mish Mash Music

Next Level ‘Level Up’ Mentoring Program

I work with women with established businesses who would like to gain clarity and confidence through the support of a mentor, cheerleader and accountability partner all in one.

My 1:1 ten months mentoring program (10 sessions) is designed to help you build a solid strategy to grow and run the business you desire while enjoying a work-life balance and stretching beyond your comfort zone so you can stop playing small.

Your sessions will be tailored to the unique needs of you and your business and will cover the following three core areas:


You can have the best business idea, but without a clear plan, you wouldn’t get very far and will probably run around in circles, wasting energy, time and money.

Together we’ll get crystal clear on how to grow your business including:


What additional streams of revenue you can build;


What services and products to add;


How to create successful partnerships.

”I am very fortunate to have had a coaching session with Anna. Her knowledge and background are what helped me make the necessary changes to start putting myself out there. I had never realized how my fear of showing up impacted me and my small business. I would 100% recommend Anna as a coach to anyone, and I genuinely believe that all of us women who run a small business and wear so many hats need her in our life. Anna asked all the right questions, and I organized my ideas into something doable. That allowed me to see the greater picture, and she also gave me a different perspective on areas I found challenging. Like many people, I was convinced that a coach couldn’t help me, but wow, was I proven so wrong!”

Thedi Papaioannou  |   Founder   |   Path Travel Designs


You could get stuck even if you have a clear plan and all the resources you can dream of. Lack of confidence, poor mindset or limiting beliefs can hold you back, stop you from taking action and keep you playing small.

We’ll work on anything and everything that’s undermining your confidence, so you can enjoy taking purposeful action.


Accountability and having someone to have your back every step of the journey will bring the two other components (Clarity and Confidence) together. It’s the cherry on the cake. And you can’t find a better cheerleader than me!

You will have my undivided attention monthly via  Zoom.

Calls last 45-60 min; you will also receive materials to keep you focused and increase your productivity in between the sessions and strengthen your entrepreneurial muscle further.

“Anna gave me the confidence to start with the most critical aspect of running a business, my mindset.”

Bhavna Radia  |   Founder   |   ‘Divorce Right’

In Person SOS Sessions

If you need a one-off meeting, I offer consultations in London or anywhere in the world (travel expenses are charged in addition to my daily rate). During the session, we will look at the specific problem you have in your business, creatively assess possible solutions, and set a plan of action. This package includes a follow-up call to keep you accountable.

If you need a one-off meeting session or the 10-month mentoring ‘Level-Up’ program, get started by scheduling a ‘Discovery Call’.

This will last 45 min, and through this call, we will decide if we are a good fit to work together.

Book your “Discovery Call”:

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Level Up Anna Wilk

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