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Kind words my clients say about me.

I am forever grateful for the trust and opportunity my clients give me to support them.

Over the years I’ve supported new families locally and through online communities but my work also has taken me to France, Croatia, Monaco, Ireland, Spain, and the Cayman Islands.

Case Studies Anna Wilk

More confident and grateful for the solid start for our baby

“After numerous unsuccessful IVF cycles, a miracle happened. And with the pregnancy came a huge amount of anxiety.

Our biggest challenge was that we were facing the unknown; the reality of being totally responsible for a baby with little idea of what was ahead and how we could best provide for his needs. And we had no family nearby. We needed a support system.”

We met Anna during the pregnancy and were extremely impressed by her thoughtful, kind and practical approach. For us, she bought the holistic support we needed from the beginning.

Anna provided support to us as a family but also individually for the first critical six months of family life. She had a keen eye for quickly assessing our needs, even when we didn’t know what they were ourselves!

 She also helped us avoid common pitfalls that new parents can struggle with (as we’ve heard from our NCT group).

 As a result of working with Anna we feel more confident and grateful for the solid start we have given our baby. 

We feel we have enough tools in the box to continue along the path Anna helped us create and we have plenty of coffee catch ups scheduled to keep us on track.

 We especially valued Anna’s pragmatic, kind, hands on approach all with a good sense of humour.”

Jude Mayne  –  Healthcare Professional  &  Donald Grant  –  Finance Professional

A calming influence full of knowledge, tips and tricks

Louise is a first time mum to twins, and a business owner. She needed help adjusting to her new family life, so she could enjoy her baby sons and continue working on her business.

“Boys are now six months old, but when I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed with what was to come and trying to learn everything I could about babies and twins.

I didn’t know where to start! Going from no babies to twins is kind of scary.

Anna has been such great support while I was pregnant, and since I had the boys. A calming influence full of knowledge, tips and tricks to help the babies and me. It’s so good to know I have someone with so much experience with both working with babies and with twins that I can turn to with my many questions.

I now feel like I’m in the swing of things and I can do it! I’ve got an excellent routine going with the boys, and we are starting weaning, Anna has given so many great suggestions, and ideas to help with weaning and this has been great as I was nervous about getting started with it. I have two happy baby boys who are excellent sleepers and are just getting started with real food – it has been a great adventure!

My plan for the future is to make sure Joey and Zac are happy and healthy and to give them the best possible life. I also want to adapt my business and my life, so they fit with our new life with the boys.
Anna is lovely, practical, no-nonsense, honest, and goes out of her way to help out. I trust her advice implicitly and has been great knowing I can turn to her at any time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Louise Cowley  –  Founder of ‘Designsta’

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Breakthroughs by working on mindset

Bhavana is the founder of Divorce Right, and is a divorce and separation expert for professional and senior executive females. When we met her business wasn’t profitable, and she was considering closing it down despite having great testimonials and helping many women.

She felt stuck, confused and overwhelmed.

“Through our initial discussion, Anna made me see that the problem was my mindset, and she encouraged me to do some work in this area to be able to move forward. This was a breakthrough for me. Before I met Anna, I was under the impression I needed to charge less to get more clients. She helped me realise that the service I provide to my ideal client is valuable and transformational. Since then, I have continued to work on myself. I also have the tools and resources to help me move forward. I feel focused, positive and excited about the future.

Currently, I am in the process of changing how I offer my services, and I will be increasing my fees. This will mean that my turnover and profit will increase substantially. There is also an opportunity to scale my business in the future.

Anna listened very carefully to what I was saying, and she could see the underlying problem even though I was not aware of it. Anna gave me the confidence to start with the most critical aspect of running a business, my mindset.”

Bhavna Radia  –  Founder of ‘Divorce Right’

Less overwhelm and a clear direction

Michaela provides healthy snacks for active and busy people who are interested in healthy living and wellbeing. Her biggest challenge was time management and prioritizing. She also knew her business would benefit from working with other businesses, but she didn’t know how to find and approach other brands she could collaborate with.

Through our work together, Michaela feels less overwhelmed, and she has a clear direction where she is heading. This is what happened for Michaela since we worked together:

“For the last year, I’ve been building a network of people and businesses who I would like to work with in the future. The number of social media followers has increased. I also have a clearer idea of where I see my product and who my primary audience is, so I can work more focused on reaching my goals.

I feel more confident in what I do and have fewer difficulties in reaching out to others.
I’m approaching retailers, and soon, my products will be available on a few B2B and B2C online platforms. I’ve started to work with wellness coaches and influencers to raise brand awareness, and one of my goals is to see ‘Nutmad’ in the travel industry.

What I especially liked about working with Anna was the fact that she had a lot of creative ideas to work with on how to raise my brand awareness. She looked at my challenges from a different perspective, which is excellent for someone like me.

Anna also encouraged me to raise my social media game, which pays off.”

Michaela Hardt  –  Founder of ‘Nutmad’

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Case Studies Anna Wilk

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