Helping women find work-life balance, build their confidence on both fronts, supporting them through the process of returning to work and growing their business has been the main goal for Anna Wilk.

Read my blog (*) to see how I support women to connect with the best version of themselves and provides a safe space for women to talk about challenges that affect their professional and business development as well as learning ways to help new parents get back to work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Anna to explore how she can help your business.

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Blog Anna Wilk
Blog Anna Wilk

10 tips how to keep your baby cool in a heatwave

Oh, Baby, It’s Hot Outside In the UK, we’re used to complaining about the weather but the subject of our discontent is usually cold and rain rather than the heat.  Whilst the return of better weather has been welcome during a year which has seen many of our activities...

Blog Anna Wilk

Pregnancy during COVID-19

As I am sitting down to write this blog, I can't help but wonder how many employers and female employees will understand and appreciate my input. I’m also contemplating how many HR departments realise the devastating impact on female talent retention that the pandemic...

Blog Anna Wilk

Stress-free Christmas family visits with a newborn.

Achieving a stress-free Christmas with a family can be challenging enough. Travelling with a newborn to see the family is another level of challenge. With a brand new addition to the family, there will be a juggle of the family's expectations and the baby's needs....

Blog Anna Wilk

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